Can I order mortarboards and gowns in a different colour ?

Yes, Robe Academicus has 25 special colours. As this is a special order the price is 10 % higher. There is also a minimum order quantity of 300 units.

Do you offer express (next day) delivery

Yes ! Please do contact us for details. We need payment, and a personal delivery address for signature of reception.

Can I order the tassel in another colour ?

Yes, we offer the same range of colours as for the scarfs (hoods). Please tell us on the order form under comments.

Do I have to order a full set or can I order individual items?

No, all pieces can be ordered separately and in any quantity.

How long before the graduation do I have to order the gowns to arrive on time for the graduation?

For purchased goods its ready to be dispatched and delivery takes 1 – 3 working days. For hiring standard gowns or mortarboards (black), please calculate ca. 14 working days. Non standard coloured gowns take longer; please calculate 120 working days.

Where do I get information concerning 'returns and refunds' and the delivery terms?

You can find all information in the ‘order information’ and under the ‘sales terms and conditions’.

What is the tradition of moving the mortarboard tassel from right to left?

This is an American tradition. A Committee on Academic Costumes and Ceremonies, appointed by the American Council on Education in 1959 has published the following rules: Those wearing academic costumes always wear their caps in academic processions and during the ceremony of conferring degrees. Men may remove caps during prayer, the playing of the national anthem. It is traditional that all such actions be done in unison. There is no general rule for the position of the tassel on a mortarboard. However, numerous institutions have adopted the practice, requiring candidates before the degrees are awarded to wear the tassel on the right front side and to shift them to the left at the moment the degree is awarded to them.