With care

for detail

All our products are manufactured according to the highest Robe Academicus Quality Standards.

Our gowns are made of selected materials, depending on the quality. The distinct feature of all of our gowns is that they are made of breathable, light and robust fabrics (functionware), which guarantees a high degree of comfort. They can comfortably be worn on top normal clothes. Depending on the model, the back area has either basic or elaborate pleating. They all have widely cut sleeves for a comfortable fit for students of every body size.

College models have a zip. At all other gowns, the front part has a hidden row of buttons in the middle. Generous pleating provides an extra feeling of elegance. Hood, scarf, or ribbons are fixed with a button on the back to avoid slipping.

Our mortarboards are made of selected materials, depending on the quality. College models feature a light cardboard. Our model honoris are handmade and have a real wood board inside.  All other hats have a board made of 100% re-cycled material and is our own development. It does not soften with rain or cleaning. Moreover, corners can be re-adjusted and bend back to old position when fallen to the ground.

Hat and gown material are identical, which produces a perfect look. The inside of the cap is padded with fleece and provides both, a comfortable and non-slipping fitting. One-size-fits-all hats feature an expandable broad elastic, which caters for different head sizes. But also our top of the range hats, which are available in different sizes have a small elastic in the back in order to achieve a 100% fit.

Tassel are handmade and can be fixed on the top of the hat with a button. As they are re-moveable you can re-use the hat with other tassels in the colours of your choice.